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      What is the WaveRider?

      • The WaveRider is a stand-alone device that provides active protection to homes and offices from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation. The scientist who invented it, Dr. Igor Smirnov, was awarded a US patent for this technology: USPTO No– 8,044,376; “Devices & methods for protection against electromagnetic radiation”

      Can the WaveRider negate the negative effects of 5G?

      • The inventor, Dr Igor Smirnov, and Dr Howard Fisher (a well-known Canadian physician and author of several books about EMF) have written a paper explaining how the WaveRider negates us from the harmful effects of 5G. Please click this link to view the paper.

      What is the science behind the WaveRider?

      • The WaveRider is the brainchild of Dr Igor Smirnov, a pioneer in biophysics, who graduated with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Nuclear Engineering at St. Petersburg Naval Academy, Russia. He also obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

        Armed with the understanding of physics, biology, and chemistry, Dr Smirnov had rudimentary knowledge of electromagnetic radiation in terms of ionizing and non- ionizing radiation. During his early professional years after receiving his first degree, he spent time with the Russian Navy. After a few years, he continued his education at the prestigious St Petersburg State University. His doctoral thesis in clinical psychology involved the study of very low and subtle electromagnetic radiation in the area of cellular structure and cellular communication (signal transduction).

        He immigrated to the US in the early eighties and continued his research there. Dr Smirnov was awarded a US patent, US 6,369,399, on April 9th, 2002. This patent allowed Dr Smirnov to claim, “Electromagnetic Shield Method & Device.” He continued his research and in October 2011, he was awarded with another US Patent, 8,044,376, which claimed, “Device & Method for Protection Against Exposure from Electromagnetic Radiation.”

        WaveRider incorporates each of these patents, giving it the ability to negate the negative effect of EMF on human cells.

      Most of your peer-review articles mentioned the MRET Water, MRET Generator, MRET Shield or Emron Shield as the Product. Why are the produces named as H2Om water, WaveRider and WaveShield?

      • All our products are based on Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET technology) which is patented by Dr Igor Smirnov. When submitting a technology to peer-reviewed scientific journals for publication, the submitted articles must use a generic name instead of a brand name. As such, the submission name would be MRET water, the shield as MRET Shield and the WaveRider as MRET Generator. Another point to be noted is that all the peer-reviewed articles pertaining to the MRET shield can be applied to the WaveRider and vice versa. The WaveShield protects while being in use (passive protection). The WaveRider protects when it is switched on (active protection).

      Has the WaveRider been independently tested?
      Yes. The WaveRider has been tested at the following labs in the US:

      • Namco Global Services, Ltd. (
      • RF Exposure Lab, LLC, an A2LA Accredited SAR testing facility, that is an FCC certified testing laboratory.
      • MET Laboratories, Inc, ( established in 1959, has become a global leader for electronics product and devise approvals and regulatory certification of electrical products; located in Baltimore, MD.
      • Molecular Diagnostic Services Inc, ( an FDA certified biological testing facility.

      How long will the WaveRider last?

      • The WaveRider has a life span of 17,520 hours. This means that if it is turned on for 10 hours a day, it will last for up to four and a half years. A red LED light will begin to blink when 200 hours of use-life remain.

      Is there a life span?

      • Although electronics are used in the WaveRider, the protective frequencies are generated by the patented material, which is a polymeric material with billions of nano-rings or circles. The electronics and a flashing LED light together “irritate” or “excite” the nano-rings. In turn, they begin to vibrate, releasing a set of extremely low, organic frequencies. The different sizes of the nano-rings allow the WaveRider to create a “resonance effect” with the various parts of our body.

        Just as with all materials, they have a “fatigue” point. The constant excitation causes the polymeric materials to have subtle changes in their structure. According to the experiment done at Kiev University’s material science department, they recommend a change of the core-part after 17,520 hours of usage time.

      Why is the price so much cheaper from the original price of US$1888?

      • During the early years, the marketing of the WaveRider was very challenging. The cost of developing, designing, and registering the IPs, involved some serious funding. At Dr Smirnov’s end, the cost of R&D, independent testing in reputable labs also required huge amounts of funding. Being the early voice advocating a complete solution for homes and offices was very challenging. Riding organic waves unto EMR waves was unheard off. Yet, we continued to soldier on. Dr Smirnov kept writing articles and getting them published by peer-reviewed scientific journals. On our end, investing in marketing, conferences, building a scientific panel and working with the likes of Ty Bollinger and the late Dr Masaru Emoto helped us tremendously. Dr A Sundardas’s book, Radiation Toxicity, explaining the science behind WaveRider also contributed to our cause.

        With the onset of 5G on the ground and millimeter waves from the satellites above, there is no escape from the unwarranted negative effects of EMR. This is the main reason we are lowering the price, hoping that it would not be a barrier anymore. The economy of our growing sales is also a big factor in the price reduction.

      After my WaveRider has expired, can I change the core-part?

      • Yes, you can! Go to the product page and order yourself a new core-part for US$800. Once you click the order button, we will do everything for you, from getting DHL to collect your expired product, change the core-part and sending it back to your door step (some remote locations may take more time).
        A. Once payment is received (it may take 5 to 7 days for PayPal to credit our account), we will process your order.
        B. We will send to you all the necessary documents from DHL.
        C. Pack your WaveRider into its original box (or a similar or a slightly larger box). Ensure that the device is well protected. Do not use a larger box (Approximately 26cm X 18cm X 14cm)
        D. Call the nearest DHL office to collect your unit.
        E. Upon receiving your expired product, our technician will replace the core-part.
        F. Our logistics department will inform DHL to collect the parcel and send it to your doorstep
        *We would like to state clearly that COVID19 has disrupted many supply chains and even DHL may not able to deliver within their usual time.

      What can I expect when I am using the WaveRider for the first time?

      • WaveRider’s non-electronic generated frequencies are very subtle, similar to the frequencies of the cells in our body. When you first install a Wi-Fi router at your home, you don’t feel uncomfortable or unwell. It works similarly with the WaveRider. However, you may notice that your sleep quality improves and some people may fall asleep easier and sleep longer. When you wake up, you may also feel more refreshed and mentally alert.

        Tests were conducted by our science panel member, Dr Nobuhiro Maruyama. Using an optical encephalography equipment with 16 probing points on the frontal part of the head, he measured and showed that there was an increase of oxygenated blood in 14 of the 16 point he measured. One of the non-illness effects of EMR is the tightening of the blood-brain barrier because one of the important roles of BBB is to protect the brain form unknown substances, including man-made radiation. This results in restricted blood flow into the brain. When the WaveRider is switched on, normalization of blood flow to the brain occurs. This is what Dr Maruyama wanted to understand. Normalizing blood flow to the brain can help people suffering from brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, which is a general term that describes a group of symptoms such as loss of short-term memory, judgement, language, complex motor skills and other intellectual functionalities.

      I notice that when the WR is out of stock, you take roughly one and a half months to replenish the stock. Can you explain why such a long time?

      • Thank you for this question. The heart of the WaveRider or core-part can only be produced in San Diego by Dr. Smirnov. Every core-part needs testing (for quality assurance) before sending it to the factory in Singapore for assembled. The settings used to test the very subtle frequencies emitted by the WaveRider has to be done in a specific room and with specialized instrumentation. Hence, the QC process takes time. We are scaling up these facilities to cut down waiting time.


      Is there a technology behind WaveShield?

      • Yes! WaveShield is invented by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D. It has a US patent (USPTO 6,369,399), allowing him to claim “ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION SHIELDING MATERIAL AND DEVICE”.

      How does it work?

      • WaveShield’s material is a revolutionary breakthrough in material science. Its nylon composite is a fractal matrix composed of nano-circles or nano-rings. These nano-rings are calibrated to get “excited” or “irritated” when you speak on your mobile. This is when your cell phone’s EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) is the most intense. These elicited nano-rings begin vibrating, releasing a package of frequencies similar to your body’s bio-frequencies. Different frequencies can modulate or “piggy-back” on the intense EMF from the phone. As our body absorbs the modulated EMF, it negates the harmful EMF effects and creates a resonance effect with your healthy cells.

      Where should I paste the WaveShield?

      • The best place to paste the WaveShield is on the bottom or top corner of your phone’s screen. You can also paste it on the top or bottom of your phone cover. If your phone has a flip cover, do not paste it there.

      What is the use-life of the WaveShield?

      • For a “heavy” user, we recommend a change every 2 years. For normal users, it can be changed every 3 years.

      Has the WaveShield been independently tested?

      WaveShield has been tested in the following Labs:

      • Namco Global Services, Ltd. ( 008Z:LN)
      • RF Exposure Lab, LLC, (a privately owned independent A2LA accredited SAR testing facility, that is an FCC certified test laboratory).
      • MET Laboratories, Inc, (, established in 1959, has become a global service leader for product approvals and regulatory certification of electrical products)
      • Molecular Diagnostic Services Inc, (

      H20M ™

      There are so many water filtration or activation devices in the market. What is so different about the H2Om Liquid Rejuvenator?

      • H2Om Liquid Rejuvenator is a revolution in water augmentation technology without using any chemicals. H2Om Rejuvenator is also a “non-contact” system, i.e., there is no contact between the water/liquids and the activation device. This activation technology has US Patent 6022470, “Method and Device for Producing Activated Liquids and Method of Use thereof,” Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET technology).

      Is H2Om Rejuvenator and MRET water devices the same thing?

      • Yes, they both apply the MRET technology to activate water. H2Om is a “private-labelled” brand specially designed for the water evangelist, the late Dr Masaru Emoto. As such, all the peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals and the books published about MRET water also apply to H2Om.

      Has the H2Om been independently tested?
      Here are some of the facilities and labs that have tested, investigated or studied the properties of MRET water:

      • Moscow State University, Russia (
      • National University of Kyiv, Ukraine (
      • Danylo Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology ( )
      • Institute of Botany (
      • University of Toronto (
      • San Diego State University (

      How does it work?

      • The H2Om works exactly like the WaveRider. The patented polymeric material made up of billions of nano-rings, when “excited” or “irritated” by an external EMR together with a blinking LED light, will begin to vibrate and create very subtle frequencies (not generated by electronics), which create a resonance with our healthy cells. Research done on water having a “memory” allows it to carry these subtle frequencies to the mutated cells. Instead of creating a resonance effect, they would create a disruptive effect causing the mutated to become weaker, resulting in apoptosis.

      What is use-life of the H2Om?

      • The use-life of H2Om is 15,200 activation cycles. The water vessel holds 1.2 litres of water, therefore, you can active 18,240 litres of water throughout the use-life of the product!

      Can the H2Om active other liquids?

      • Yes. H2Om can activate milk, wine, juices, etc. You can do a simple experiment on red wine. Buy a bottle of inexpensive red wine. Pour one-half into the water vessel and keep the remaining half bottle at least 10 feet apart. After 30 mins, do a taste test starting with the activated wine, and then with the non-activated one. Most of our users can tell the difference between the two samples. The red wine taste better after activation.